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Peru is the land of the Incas, an ancient civilization that has dominated the country’s landform while living in harmony with the elements. Each village bears the traces of this millenary heritage that can be admired through Peruvian traditions and culture. Lima, its capital, testifies of this cultural richness of colonial era. The country is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World: the Machu Picchu, and is positioned as a destination for adventure, nature and culture.

In the north of the country, we can admire the traces of the pre-Incan civilizations, visible on the Mochica Road or the Kuélap Fortress. To the south, cities like Arequipa and Cusco attract tourists for their friendly atmosphere and history. Peru being 60% covered by the Amazon rainforest can be explored up north in Iquitos, and south in Puerto Maldonado. The country is also a world renowned gastronomic destination unique in its kind.