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Arizona Office of Tourism is the official organization in charge of the promotion of the State of Arizona as an attractive tourist destination in the American West. Arizona is synonymous with western movies, canyons, deserts and cactus. The destination is filled with an abundance of natural treasures, Indian American sites, National Parks including the Grand Canyon, and boasts the largest portion of Historic Route 66.

In addition to the Grand Canyon, Northern Arizona is home to spectacular sites such as Petrified Forest National Park, Canyon de Chelly, Antelope Canyon and the Navajo Indian Reserve. To the west, Monument Valley represents a mythical image of the Wild West, with its orange-red arches and cliffs in a desert of ocher sand. Enjoying a dream climate, with 320 days of sunshine a year, Arizona has everything to seduce travelers, combining change of scenery, relaxation, sports and leisure, sun and softness all year round.