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During the confinement, Express Conseil organized a series of digital meetings around the theme of sustainable tourism where to learn and share the best ideas and practices for an evolution of tourism towards a better respect for people and the planet, in harmony with the aspirations of travelers.

Episode 1: Eco-responsible accommodation

Episode 2: City Breaks

“As an agency, we want to show solidarity and support destinations or organizations whose budgets have been reduced or eliminated, clients or not. We also want to make a small contribution to supporting all tourism stakeholders and the media, by continuing to provide them with information that is useful for them to prepare for the recovery.»Declares Valérie-Hélène Toutain, who took over the management of Express Conseil in January 2020.









During the pandemic, Express Conseil organized webinars for tourism professionals to take them virtually to the heart of Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

1st episode: Shizuoka, another vision of Mount Fuji, off the beaten track

2nd episode: Secrets of Shizuoka’s green tea

Goals :

– Increase the notoriety of the province, by positioning it as a destination off the beaten track to discover Mount Fuji.

– Generate new contacts

Much more than a simple online training on the strengths of the destination, but a total immersion thanks to videos produced by local tourism players (receptive, hotels, museums, etc.), especially for the occasion.

The 2nd episode was devoted to green tea, a major asset of the Shizuoka prefecture, which is home to 40% of the production of Japan. All the secrets of Japanese green tea have been revealed: history, economy, benefits, tea ceremony, video tutorial to learn how to make a perfect Japanese green tea.

And of course, different suggested itineraries around Mount Fuji and green tea.

Results : this enabled the Shizuoka prefecture to be presented to more than 200 tourism professionals. 5 new routes including Shizuoka were created following the webinars.