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During the confinement, Express Conseil organized a series of digital meetings around the theme of sustainable tourism where to learn and share the best ideas and practices for an evolution of tourism towards a better respect for people and the planet, in harmony with the aspirations of travelers.

Episode 1: Eco-responsible accommodation

Episode 2: City Breaks

“As an agency, we want to show solidarity and support destinations or organizations whose budgets have been reduced or eliminated, clients or not. We also want to make a small contribution to supporting all tourism stakeholders and the media, by continuing to provide them with information that is useful for them to prepare for the recovery.»Declares Valérie-Hélène Toutain, who took over the management of Express Conseil in January 2020.









Objective of the tourist office of Portugal:

-promote lesser-known regions

-show all the facets of Portugal

New look at Portugal by highlighting the design and craftsmen of Lisbon in MilK Decoration.

6 pages dedicated to Portuguese design and 6 pages dedicated to the city guide.

Express Conseil organized a press trip for the Figaro Travel in Alentejo, a still little known region which has so much to offer.